Review of Top Gun Slots Online

It’s time to acquire a missile lock on the Danger Zone and earn some great cash awards, so put on your leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. The Top Gun slot machine, based on the 1986 blockbuster film of the same name, is one of Playtech’s most popular licensed slot machines and a medium/high volatility game with 243 ways to win that will appeal to most seasoned punters. Play it for real money on your smartphone, computer, or tablet for an immersive and fair (94.93% RTP) slot experience with rewards up to 500,000 coins each play!

As in the film, the Top Gun slot machine will provide you with a wingman to guard your back and let you to fire missiles, but here you may win more than a pilot. With hundreds of ways to win, a wild shower feature, and a free spins bonus with upgraded features, you will have plenty opportunities to replenish your bankroll. If you’re interested in learning more about the game’s extra features, prizes, and betting limitations, feel free to read our whole review of Playtech’s Top Gun.

Top Gun Slot Settings and Controls

Regardless of the gadget you choose to use, the Top Gun slot machine is simple to enjoy. To begin playing for real money, you will only need to configure a single bet control that specifies the quantity of your total wager and the value of your coins. Due to the fixed wager of 25 coins every spin, the minimum wager is 0.25 credits, or 0.01 credits per coin. However, if you choose to play like a big roller, you may also choose from a variety of wagers of up to 125 credits every round.

Unusual about the slot machine are its payout mechanisms, which provide a total of 243 possibilities to win instead of the typical 20, 25, or 50. Considering the amount of win lines and some of the rewards given by its symbols, you can see how lucrative the Top Gun slot machine may be. While the card symbols only award between 5 and 50 coins for a winning combination, the image symbols pay much more. With payments beginning at 15 coins every sequence and increasing to 500 and 1,000 coins, there will be many opportunities to win. To examine each symbol’s payment in further detail, just hit the “INFO” button on your screen.

Playtech provides mobile gamers with a version of the Top Gun slot machine that is tailored for use on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The controls are same on mobile and desktop platforms, making it easy to transfer between devices.

Gameplay and Bonus Features in Top Gun

At the Top Gun school, prizes are acquired in a manner distinct from that of regular slot machines. This slot pays off whenever at least three identical symbols occur on three or more adjacent reels, regardless of their location. As prizes may only be won from left to right, the initial symbol of each winning combination must begin on the leftmost reel in order to trigger a payment.

In addition to the usual symbols, the slot has a bonus wild symbol that may replace for any other symbol on the paytable outside the scatter when there are insufficient matching symbols to win. The wild may also provide up to 1,500 coins when it does not substitute for other symbols. And when there are not enough wilds on the screen, the Dogfight Wilds extra feature may randomly generate some. This feature may be randomly engaged on any spin to have your wingman soar across the reels and produce 1 to 15 additional wilds.

The fighter jet sign, which functions as a scatter in this game, is another unusual symbol worthy of your notice. Collecting three fighter aircraft on reels 1, 3, and 5 will unlock a bonus game with eight free spins. This bonus game transfers you to a new reel set where you’ll play to the music of “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins and experience increased Dogfight Wilds bonuses that come more often and provide more wild symbols for greater winnings.

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